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Nedelcu & Company

Premium executive search and leadership advisory are the key to securing a true competitive advantage for any organization.

Leadership Advisory is the art and science of supporting companies in their efforts to make their management world-class.

To this end, we combine experience with professional tools such as management assessment, coaching, talent mapping and business environment evaluations. It can transform a good company into a world-class organization.

Knowledge and Experience of Nedelcu & Company

On the one hand we work with individual clients with whom we have long-standing relationships – these clients come from a range of diverse business sectors. This allows us to bring added value to our clients as we draw on a range of contacts and information across the full breadth of the industrial spectrum.
Clients that have benefited from our expertise during the past 25 years come from the following fields:

Consumer Goods
Distribution & Logistics
Financial Services
General Industry
Professional Services

Core Competencies by Nedelcu & Company

Assessing candidates

Candidate assessment is both an art and a science. It involves predicting behavior and performance patterns in scenarios likely to occur in the future. We counsel our clients in the main means of assessing executives including structured interviews, reference checks, informal socializing and psychological assessments.

Executive Coaching

Potential risks associated with the appointment of executives to new positions in unfamiliar environments can be reduced by professional coaching. World class sporting champions value the routine of regular coaching to maintain their edge and the desire to achieve more. The same is true for executives and their teams.

Board Consulting

Board members should be selected through a formal approval process to ensure that they are the best possible candidates able to provide value to the business and avoid potential conflicts of interest. We offer the experience in assisting and counseling the leadership of corporations in this process.

Environmental Studies

Even the most successful businesses need to regularly review their situation. We can assist in this process by selecting an advisory team to evaluate the status quo of the business and recommend measures to significantly improve the performance and future outlook of the organization.