The Americas United States & Latin America

Since 1992, we have assisted clients based in Europe to develop their management teams in key markets in the Americas.

We successfully filled executive positions in Argentina, Brasil, Mexico and the United States.

We are affiliated with a number of partners in the USA (New York) and Latin America (Mexico). We personally appraise candidates in the country of assignment.

Europe Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom

From our Munich office we work for clients based in Germany and abroad.

We assist them in recruiting executives in the German market as well as Western and Eastern Europe, including Russia.

We assume full responsibility for results and work with partners located across Europe including Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and major markets in Eastern Europe.

Far East Russia, China and India

Reflecting the growing importance of the Far East (mainly China and India), we are able to assist clients in their executive recruiting needs in these markets.

Jonathan Lee Recruitment a strong partnership

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with Jonathan Lee Recruitment in the United Kingdom for over ten years.

Jonathan Lee Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency for careers in aerospace, automotive, engineering, construction and other employment sectors.